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Komax – leading today and in the future

Komax is a global technology group that focuses on automation markets. As a leading manufacturer of innovative and high-quality solutions for wire processing, the Komax Group supports economical and safe production processes, especially for automotive suppliers. The Komax Group employs over 3,300 people worldwide and offers sales and service support in over 60 countries through subsidiaries and independent agencies.

Highlights on our booth


Automated manufacturing for EWIS moves forward The new Optima 600 is an important step in the automation of EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems) manufacturing in the aerospace industry. This technology succeeds in supplementing predominantly manual labor with automation. At WirePro Expo, we will present our solutions for this.

Harness Production

Komax sets new standards in wire production For us, higher automation means constantly surpassing previous standards. With the new developments Omega 840 Mixed Mode Insertion and Omega 740 Splicing and 2nd-locking, as well as the Sigma 688 LTT Low Torsion Twisting, we present exciting highlights. Here, Komax is setting new standards in the fully automated production of complex wire harnesses.


Komax technology leads to astounding savings Many industrial companies have considerable potential for rationalization in wire processing. In some cases, modern wire processing brings about astounding improvements and decisive competitive advantages. One example is our new compact Zeta 620, which is designed in particular for rational control cabinet construction. Together with digital data preparation (ECAD) or Digital Lean Wiring, efficiency is significantly increased from just one piece.

Lead Production

Milestone: Automatic crimp applicator changeover Komax is an innovation driver in the automated production of single wires. With increasing digitization, our vision is becoming more and more of a reality. At WirePro Expo, we will be demonstrating a new milestone with the fully automatic crimp applicator change. Discover with us the great potentials of tomorrow's modern lead production.

High Voltage

New trends in the automated assembly of high voltage cables The processing of high voltage cables moves in narrow tolerance fields and is characterized by difficult processes and multi-layer shields and insulation. Cycle times in the range of seconds require highly developed automation solutions that can process these cables to the highest quality. Komax is also taking the lead here with the Lambda 240 with automated feeding and robotization.

Komax Services

Worry-free with Komax Care and Komax Value Packages The unrivaled Komax service network is available worldwide with a very wide range of services. The services offered cover a wide range of work on the machines, training, financing, and software products for transparent monitoring of production capacities. Komax Care service contracts and our so called "Value Packages" offer individually tailored service packages for all aspects of machines and software.

Data Wire Production

Automated processing of data cables Modern vehicles require more and more data and thus more complex data cable and connector solutions. Our new LambdaX with intelligent transfer system is ready for these challenges. Together with the Alpha 565 dual-core for MATEnet, Komax is ideally equipped for all Ethernet challenges in the automotive industry.

Smart Factory by Komax

Easier, more convenient and safer. Thanks to Komax. Developments in Smart Mobility and Smart City depend on intelligent, absolutely reliable and at the same time cost-optimized cabling solutions. With Smart Factory by Komax, we offer just that: Products and solutions that significantly increase the productivity and flexibility of wire processing while simultaneously reducing quality costs. As an innovation driver in automated wire processing, we thus contribute with our customers to making life easier, more convenient and safer.


The Smart Cabinet Building Initiative (SCB) is a cooperation of leading solution providers with the aim of sustainably establishing efficient control cabinet production in small and large companies. Industrial customers discover how the efficiency and performance in control cabinet construction can be massively increased. Experience live the end-to-end, proven path for efficient cabinet building with Smart Cabinet Building solutions at WirePro Expo. Link to SCB-website

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