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Founded in 1976 by Luigi Aluffo, Mecal manages its large and flexible production capacity through its Fubine plant and branches in Brazil, the United States and Mexico. From the beginning Mecal has always worked to improve the overall quality, investing heavily in new technologies, in the best machine tools available and in the training of management and staff. Even today we are determined to offer the best crimping equipment to the market, expertly designed, made with care and supported with competence.

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The evolution of robust crimping machines with new quality control features and support of collaborative automation.


Linked up to 1 mm thickness
Fine height adjustament
RAM fully slotted into the body to ensure long life crimping quality Embedded pneumatic feeding
Easy regulation and maintenance

Terminal pitch > 27mm
Shut height: 135,8mm
Wire Section: Max 10mm²
Suitable crimping machine: TT - P107C



Loose higher than 1.5 mm
Drawer for safe and simple process
Transformation KIT to guarantee fast change over Activation sensor to prevent damage
Continuous crimping height regulation Guaranteed position by sensor

Shut height: 212mm
Wire Section: Max 75mm²
Suitable crimping machine: P080 – P120 – P200


Connected up to 1.5 mm thickness
Fine height adjustment
Suitable for automatic crimping machines
Precise pneumatic feed

Closing height: 135.8 or 142.6mm
Wire cross section: Max 25mm²
Suitable crimping machine: P040 - P080 - P120


Mecal srl

S.da Felizzano, 18
15043 Fubine

T +39 0131 792792

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