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Schunk Sonosystems is one of the world's leading specialists in the field of ultrasonic metal welding.

Through intensive basic research and numerous innovations, we have gained a major technological lead. Our system solutions also meet the highest requirements when used in the automotive industry. In the electrical nervous system of the car, the wiring harness, Schunk Sonosystems ensures perfect connections, millions of times over, worldwide.

Ultrasonic welding is a future-oriented process that joins metals using ultrasound. In addition to copper and aluminum connections, metal-glass connections are also possible. In this process, the materials are placed on top of each other and moved against each other under low pressure and high-frequency mechanical vibrations. In this way, a permanent, strong and metallurgically pure joint with excellent physical properties is created in a fraction of a second without thermal stress on the components. All this results in a high-quality and economically superior alternative that does not require any filler materials.

With Schunk Sonosystems, ultrasonic metal welding made its way into wire harness production. With our many years of experience and constant innovations, we are the market and technology leader in this field.

Products that leave the production facility under the Schunk Sonosystems name are complete system solutions from a single source. Beyond the standard machine program, Schunk offers a modular system concept. It enables the integration of ultrasonic systems into complex assembly lines. The product spectrum ranges from welding systems for the wire harness industry to ultrasonic pipe welding guns for gas-tight sealing of cooling systems to complex special systems for the solar, electronics and semiconductor industries as well as for the production of batteries. All systems are characterized by their flexible use, simple connection, low operating costs and comprehensive process monitoring.

Another decisive plus point is the comprehensive global service for all Schunk system solutions, from commercially available ultrasonic welding machines to complex automation systems with and without ultrasound. It includes our training centers and machine acceptance centers for effective handling of the equipment, the Schunk online service or online diagnostics, for example, for optimizing welding parameters.

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Schunk Sonosystems GmbH
Hauptstrasse 95 | 35435 Wettenberg | Germany

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