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Dieter Hohmann

Dieter Hohmann
EDAG Engineering GmbH
Specialist responsible for vehicle electrical system development


At EDAG, Dieter Hohmann is responsible for the on-board network design in vehicle projects. EDAG develops in projects for startups and OEMs at the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. This is essentially about the architecture, the correct use of CAD tools, the corresponding development process and the influence of automation on the cable harness.

Since 1986 Mr. Hohmann in the development of vehicle electrical systems. Projects at VW, GM, Mercedes, FORD, Toyota, Renault, PSA, DAF, MAN, VINFAST cover his value chain. He was responsible for the development and integration into the vehicles. Cooperation with all wiring harness suppliers and component manufacturers provide a broad overview of the on-board network topic.

Mr. Hohmann lives in Hünfeld, is a "Meister" examination of Electrical Engineering Technicians. During his apprenticeship he already worked on the development of the ONDAL taping machines and always followed the wiring harness production process.

Abstract of the speech

As the world's largest independent engineering service provider for integrated solutions in the automotive industry, the EDAG Group has many years of expertise in the field of E/E architecture and vehicle electrical system development. Depending on the customer's requirements, the development takes place on the basis of the EDAG EE architecture development process 2.0 consistently according to the top/down approach instead. As part of ZOBAS (zone-based service-oriented E/E architecture) = BMWI funding project, the consistency of a development process with PREEvision was demonstrated. Here, the approach of automated wiring harness production was also pursued. Requirements for the wiring harness are defined.
This speech will take place in English.


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