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Dominic Huschke

Dominic Huschke

Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft


Bordnetzsysteme Innovationen


Dominic Huschke was born in 1997 in Jena, Thuringia. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart in 2018. After working for one year as a development engineer at the Bosch Group, he started a joint master’s degree of the University of Stuttgart and the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. During his stay in the United States, he worked as a graduate research assistant with focus on robotics. He joined the Volkswagen AG in 2021 as a development engineer in the department of wire harness innovations. Here, his thematic focus is on the automation, as well as on the virtual verification of the wire harness.

Abstract of the speech

The Volkswagen Group is setting the course for the future with its new group strategy “New Auto”. One of the central elements of the strategy is the new "Scalable Systems Platform". For the Volkswagen brand's vehicle project, based on the SSP-platform, a new plant is built in Wolfsburg. A significant reduction in production time is targeted for the project named Trinity. An important measure for the reduction of the production time is the modularization of the vehicle. This division of the vehicle into modules has a significant impact on the wire harness. In particular, the creation of smaller self-sufficient wire harnesses and the possible delivery of pre-wired modules have to be mentioned. Especially, the creation of smaller wire harnesses enables the automated manufacturing as well as the automated integration of the wire harness. While the automated manufacturing of the wire harness has advantages in terms of better risk coverage and reduction of logistics routes, the automated integration has the potential of reducing the production time per vehicle through error prevention. Because of these advantages, the automation of the wire harness can be considered as essential. Due to this, the production as well as the integration of the wire harness are part of the strategy of Volkswagen. For the realization of the automation of the manufacturing and the integration of the wire harness into the vehicle, a stepwise approach is followed. In the first step, adjustments of the construction kit of the wire harness are to be avoided and experience is to be gained in the area of automation. Various projects are carried out within this framework. In a subsequent step, the degree of automation is to be significantly increased.


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