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Migo (Michael) Richter

Migo (Michael) Richter
Market Development Director
Siemens EDA Munich – Germany


I spent more than 25 years working in the development of software products for the wire harness engineering, production preparation, production (KSK, MES), customer service and data exchange (KBL, VEC) in the automotive industry (OEMs and their Tier1) globally. In 2019 I joined Siemens to drive the technical aspects of the Cloud/SaaS development of our products for Siemens Integrated Electrical Systems (IES). Today I’m part of the global market development team for automotive and transportation at Siemens EDA with focus topics in EV and the German Automotive Industry.

Abstract of the speech

The automotive industry is undergoing the greatest transformation in the last 100 years, rapidly increasing functional diversity, new E/E architectures, traceability, supply chain issues and sustainability requirements demand efficient and new approaches for development and production of wiring harnesses. Reducing manual activities and introducing highly automated production is one solution approach to these challenges. The introduction of holistic Digital Twins and their use in production are the basis for this automation.


Siemens EDA
Otto-Hahn-Ring 6
81739 Munich

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